Legal Photography

I am a Certified Evidence Photographer. The following types of assignments are done per your specifications: personal injuries, motor vehicle damage, sidewalks, intersections or roadways (where an accident occurred) and others dealing with negligence. For assignments which may not involve a specific location I can travel to your office or your clients home. Lighting can  be adjusted to show the full extent of an injury (see example below).

Still photographs or video frames can be enhanced or enlarged to reveal details critical to a case. Even a small digital photo can be enlarged with the use of special software.

Assignments involving roadways will include a diagram showing camera positions and other pertinent information. Click here to see an example. For information concerning the admissibility of digital images in court click here: Admissibility of Digital Images.

A strict chain of custody is observed. Images go straight to the attorney in question. No one else sees them. The photos on this page were not created to provide evidence for any case. They were taken specifically for use on this site. For more information call or email me.

Regular Lighting

Enhanced Lighting

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